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At Helping Hearts, we have a select team that gives back to those less fortunate by specializing in the growth and profitability of 100% Employee Owned Cooperative Microbrewery's & Restaurants. Our Non-Profit Organization is determined to help YOU with your many talents and your dreams of an enjoyable, diverse,  profitable, rewarding career becoming reality.

Yes, I want to finally improve and enjoy my life with diversity while achieving my career goals utilizing my many talents and my overall mission of success by becoming a part of a profitable Craft Beer Microbrewery!

Additional locations throughout the country to be scheduled based on customer and employee demand...

Our Vision

Helping Abused Children

It is our vision to accomplish our two fold mission of helping abused children (below) by using our streamlined "Entreprenurial Approach of combining both Efficiency and Effectiveness" into our unique formula of creating new and revolutionary profit center partnerships with business and individual members of the local communities we serve as a means of creating self sustaining engines for our idealistic and philanthropic endeavors.

Our Mission

Helping Hearts International a licensed 501(c)(3) –Community Non-Profit Relief Organization was founded in early 2007 in Southern California on the premise of helping abused women, children and those most in need.

We at Helping Hearts are committed to “Efficiently & Effectively” helping solve some of the largest crimes on this planet that adversely affects people everywhere by:

1st: Feeding the abused and needy by eliminating careless and unnecessary waste.

2nd: Providing beautiful and tranquil safe havens retreats for those children that have been separated from their environments because of abuse, trauma or neglect; either by circumstance, special requests or court order.

We are determined to provide tranquil oasis style sanctuaries for victims of abuse and at the same time prevent as much food from being thrown away as possible, so that victims of abuse and others in need can benefit from these vast resources that would have otherwise been discarded.  On a daily basis, we devote ourselves to making sure that these valuable resources fall into the hands of the individuals who need them most: Homeless men, women and children.

(We can proudly say that through this methodology we grew from 500lbs of food per week to over 10 tons of food per week in our first 6 months!)

12/14/2007  - ABC News

"These guys are a cut above"

They went from 500lbs of food donated per week to over 10 tons per week in less than six months.

Feeding from a few hundred people per week to a few thousand per week.

12/25/2007  - OC Register

" Front Page Christmas Day "

6/14/2007  - ABC News

"The start of something amazing"

Dominick and Gloria Chirichillo   Contact Cell:  650-483-5284 

My wife and I have become the Ambassadors for Helping Hearts International in their fight against child abuse in our local area.  Our local community is at the heart and soul of everything we do at Domenico Winery, and we are dedicated to sharing our appreciation. Child abuse is a cause that touches us deeply, and it is our intention to be key supporters, partners, contributors, and an inspiration for other local businesses and individuals to contribute to this worthwhile cause in San Francisco,“the Silicone Valley” and in the tri-county regions of San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz.

We will personally be creating a bottle of wine specifically to support their cause.  In addition, we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to them, as well as teaming up with them (and as many of YOU as possible!) on specific initiatives, events, and/or anything else fun they might have going on. We hope you will join us in our efforts to save the children…one heart at a time!

Understanding child abuse offers us a unique opportunity to explore this important national epidemic so that we can then personally make a difference in the lives of the local children within our very own reach.

The Child Maltreatment Report of January 2017 shows the number of children reportedly involved in child abuse in the US increased from 6.6 million to 7.2 million with an increase in actual child abuse referrals to Child Protective Services from 3.6 million to 4 million children.

Partner with us in Donating

Make financial donations of your own to help these needy children in our own area receive the interventions they so desperately need.

Speak Out

Let your family, friends, neighbors, and policy-makers know what you think.

Give Time

Volunteer your time, join with us in hosting an event for your employees and community members, or engage in hands-on activities.

Spread the Word
Tell others about this project by sending an e-Postcard or linking to our site.

Our Personal Challenge to You :

Who among us hasn't been touched by child abuse at some level?

Help us in providing tranquil oasis style sanctuaries for these victims of child abuse in our local area.

By jointly striving to create partnerships with businesses and individual members of our local bay area region, we can creatively build self sustaining engines to financially provide these needed beautiful and tranquil safe haven retreats for those children that have been separated from their environments because of abuse, trauma or neglect; either by circumstance, special requests or court order.

Locations: Retreat facilities with proper funding made available throughout our local region

Facilities Description: Each facility to be beautifully and naturally appointed with a very interesting, intriguing feel, with open, tranquil, safe, comfortable, homelike feel with fun, exciting hands-on completely different activities, programs and choices to help rehabilitate and empower each child with an emphasis on creating enough structure and routine to make the children feel safe and balanced

Problem: Abused children have many unforeseen triggers and therefore it is essential that the appropriate professional staff and tranquil environments are made available ASAP to begin the healing process.  These children desperately need:

Courage to be able to tell someone about what has happened.

Knowledge to help children understand what has happened to them and that what has happened is not their fault

Heart to show them that they are respected, cared about, and loved unconditionally, and why this is important for all living things

Special Notes: Each of these sites are to be a state-of-the-art retreat, respite, decompression facilities as they are constructed, preferably in beautifully natural forested regions or in a tranquil farm like or ranch style environments that includes therapy animals, plants, greenhouse / gardens (including vegetable, fruit for picking and preparing their own food), relaxing soulful ambiance, fish, aquariums, ponds, fountains, etc... We are planning to have each facility accommodate no more than 16 children at a time for a 30 day emergency relief program stay with an ample professional staff to child ratio in order to make these retreats as profoundly impactful and effective as possible for each child.  We want lots of tranquil oasis style open space and large, unobstructed windows on each floor of any structure. The children will find care and solace here and will experience gentle exposure to musical instruments and other artistic and educational venues, excursions and field trips to other natural habitats and educational settings and special camp retreat outings prepared specifically to further engage and balance their mind, body and spirit.

Diversification, Divestiture & Reinvestment

"NOW" is the name of the game!

Keynote: Based on "today's world," "today's population, economic trends and opportunities" logically, pragmatically it is now time to diversify, divest, then reinvest and "with us" take tremendous, pride in helping  others while doing so, as either an investor a lender or if you truly prefer as a designated donor.

Enjoy the information on this page and enter now the most spectacular journey of your life!

Become A Part Of The Solution

Ask yourself "How much do I contribute to charity each year?"

Whatever the amount, be it 5% to 50% or more, make that amount truly count with hands on participation and a pure transparency and visibility to every dollar that you decide to dedicate to this cause, through whatever vehicle you choose to do so!

Yogurtland locations for us will be a "Reliable & Self Sustaining Primary Source of Funds" to aid our Mission of Caring for Abused Children. 

Our Vision in acquiring these profitable entities is to take (after the required payments to lenders,  investors and employees) "THE ENTIRE NET PROFIT," from each location acquired, to help these children.

By doing this we thereby accomplish our two fold mission:

(We can proudly say that through this exact same methodology we grew from 500lbs of food per week to over 10 tons of food per week to feed abused children in just our first 6 months!)

It is truly our hope that our approach will someday become the model for large scale philanthropy in the future!

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Helping Those Less Fortunate - "Making A Difference One Heart at a Time!"

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